31 January 2011

15/365 Happy reunions

Definitely the highlight of my holidays today: meeting a friend who I'd known at primary school: Kirstin Anderson-McGhie. I didn't know what to expect... a positive, friendly personality and 'vibe' came across via Facebook after we reconnected about a year ago, but what sort of people would we be like after half a lifetime? I was thrilled to discover that we still 'clicked': we had an excellent yarn, and our respective families got along really well too.

I'm sure Kirstin won't mind me borrowing her photo in the meantime... I have yet to retrieve the ones from my niece's camera (and I hope I find one of myself without arms crossed! Looks a bit sort of stand-offish /grin/)

Why was I so happy about this? I'm guessing that it's due to the realisation that, even after half a lifetime of taking on all the cares and stresses of adulthood, each of us apparently still has those positive aspects that we liked about each other. In other words, that part of me (and of her) hasn't changed after 25 years. No reason I can see why it won't be the same after another 25 years.

In a word: awesome.

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